The infectious silence

Murdoch’s ambitions must be held up to real political scrutiny and be vigorously debated in parliament, for the health of our democacy, says today’s Observer’s editorial.  While plurality of ownership is clearly desirable, it warns, as we warn, that things seem to be moving in the opposite direction. 

We believe that the appointment of a royal commission on media ownership and regulation is  the route to attaining the plurality so essential for our democracy.  This depends on politicians taking up the cause.  But will they?

The Observer tells us what we already know:  newspapers and TV channels are predictably poor at reporting the affairs of their proprietors.  But, more worryingly,  it states that  “Media silence seems to be infectious, spreading to politicians who are glad to avoid causing offence to powerful proprietors.”

It is precisely because of this silence that we have begun this campaign.  If politicians and other high profile people are too afraid to speak out, it’s up to us.  Please, therefore, take every opportunity to spread the word on Twitter about DemocracyFail and sign the 38 Degrees online petition against the Sky takeover.


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