We’ve already overtaken Berlusconi

“Somewhere between 2015 and 2020 News International and Sky will control 50% of the newspaper and television markets respectively”, according to media analyst, Claire Enders.  As for comparisons with Berlusconi, we have not so much as caught up with him, but overtaken him.  “The level of concentration [of News Corp media] already seen in the UK is substantially greater than would be allowed in Italian law.  We are already way past any Berlusconi moment in Britain.” 

This represents a huge danger to our democracy, but it doesn’t have to go that way if there is the political will to challenge it.  And yet, as we have stated before, there is an unwillingness for politicians and public figures to come out against Murdoch. 

The choice is  simple.  Either we sleepwalk into the clutches of a foreign media empire, or we do something about it by pressing for a media commission to investigate ownership and competition.

Beginning with the Twitter community, we ask you to ask MPs, celebrities and anyone in public life to join this campaign.   With their  support and followers,  we  could make a serious impact.  If we do nothing,  the future looks very bleak indeed.


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