Vince Cable should also be guided by his conscience

Today, The Times said that Vince Cable should be guided by the law, not pressure groups, in  deciding whether to refer the BSkyB takeover bid.  As it stands, the law may not be adequate to prevent a takeover.  This is precisely  why it’s so important to establish a commission to review the rules on media ownership and competition.  This is why this campaign is so necessary.

We  urge Mr Cable will do all within his ability to prevent the takeover.   We also urge him to make abundantly clear his desire to do so and to spell out precisely any obstacles that stand in his way. 

In the meantime,  we hope to be welcoming more members and supporters of his party to DemocracyFail,  following an article about us today on Liberal Democrat Voice, the independent Lib Dem blog.   To see it, please go to:  


One response to “Vince Cable should also be guided by his conscience

  1. alot of fuss about nothing. Just don’t watch or read Murdoch media. Atleast you aren’t forced to subscribe to Sky as you are to the leftwing BBC. As for the lefty yank comment about Fox News, oh get over it. Listen to the US National Public Radio and you get the leftwing equivalent, watch the Daily Show for your lefty fix. It all pans out.

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