Waste no time, weep no more ….

 Never before has Rupert Murdoch’s UK media empire been embroiled in such murk and controversy  – one that has embroiled the whole industry and its relationship with police and politicians.  Now is the hour to seize the initiative and take a stand against his hegemony.

Few on the Tory benches will want to do so, although many of their Lib Dem coalition partners think differently.  Labour, however, should use this golden opportunity to cut its umbilical cord with News Corporation, and to take a stand against the unjust system of media ownership in this country.

There is no time to be lost.  Ed Miliband and his team – which includes ex Times journalist, Tom Baldwin – should do two things right away.  First, they should make clear to the British public that they will not be puppets of Rupert Murdoch’s or any other media empire.  Those days are over.  Secondly, they should argue vociferously for the establishment of a new media commission to review all the existing rules and practices on ownership, regulation and standards. 

Media plurality, a phrase that does not trip lightly off the tongue, needs to be central to any strategy and its importance fully appreciated.  Labour should no longer be afraid to discuss it openly and fight for it.  

The public may not want to cancel their Sky subscriptions, but the mood has changed and the time is ripe for Labour to show Murdoch what the door is for.


2 responses to “Waste no time, weep no more ….

  1. Black Triangle – Anti-Defamation Campaign In Defence of Disabled Claimants:

    It is the sick and disabled who are scapegoated and demonised by the neo-nazi media that suffer most and take the brunt of this state of affairs in the mass media.

    We have been blamed for bankrupting the country and suffer the worst attack on us with both a crimewave of physical attacks and disability hate crime in our modern history, as well as losing all the meagre allowances and supports that we need to survive with dignity through fraudulent “Work Capability Assessments”.

    We would have to douse ourselves in kerosene and set ourselves alight at the gates of Number 10 to get any coverage from this. at best, supine media!

    In these circumstances, we truly support your efforts and throw our weight fully behind your campaign.


    Black Triangle Campaign
    Under these circu

  2. Quote:
    “Few on the Tory benches will want to do so, although many of their Lib Dem coalition partners think differently. Labour, however, should use this golden opportunity to cut its umbilical cord with News Corporation…”
    Oh, — would that it were so, dear Author!
    I’m not generally a cynic, – I think I’m more of a realist, (along with a big dose of optimism!) but I’m afraid since the Blair debacle, I just can’t bring myself to ever trust in *any* flavour of politician again!

    I see all of them now just as a ‘parcel of rogues’, and even the ‘halfway good guys’ seem to warp into Hyper-Loony-Space, they minute they pass unto the portals of power?

    So what’s left?
    Well, I guess it’s down to us lot, we who are still living in the real(er) world? A motley, rough hewn bunch we may be (–I speak for myself!) but among us we have got enough innovative power to come up with *new* and untried solutions to outwit the gormless, uncreative, mediocre crew who pretend unto government?

    New media, such as the ‘Net is likely the way? It’s still in it’s infancy, so lets develop the tools we need to challenge the loonies at ‘the top’?

    I for one, am working along those lines!

    (BTW: Keep up the good work here, we need more like you!)


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