EXCLUSIVE: Miliband finally tells Murdoch where to go

Text of letter from The Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, to Mr Rupert Murdoch, Chairman, News Corporation

1st April 2011

Dear Mr Murdoch

I wish to inform you that Labour Party policy will no longer be tailored to  your requirements.  From now on there will be no licking of boots of your various offspring and employees, particularly those of Ms R Brooks.  (Incidentally, have you plans for her replacement?  There is speculation that Ms Brooks, good friend of the Metropolitian Police and Mr D Cameron, may at some point in the future be obliged to move from her current luxury residence to more humble “lodgings” in  the Holloway area.)

My predecessors, Messrs Blair and Brown, believed they were at your mercy and that it was necessary for them to peform like seals for you.   Nearly all their decisions, from going  to war in Iraq to introducing the 10p tax band, were taken with your approval in mind.  In return for their fear, favours and obedience, you rewarded them with support in your various organs. 

When you perceived we were likely to lose the last election, you dumped Mr Brown and  took up with Mr Cameron, whose government is about to allow you to own more than half our mass media while, simultaneously, shrinking your rival, the British Broadcasting Corporation.  Your profits and power will raise to unprecedented levels.  In return, you intend to keep him in offce for as long as it suits you both.  We shall see about that!

You see, we in the Labour Party are no longer afraid of you, Mr Murdoch, who earns millions of our pounds each year without even paying our taxes. The people of this country have had enough of your dominance and coercion, your undemocratic political power and your  seedy blackmailing of politicians.  The criminal activity in your News International is being exposed on an almost daily basis and you will be dragged through the courts.  We don’t want you any longer and we don’t need you any longer. 

So do your worst and rubbish our party in your tawdry rags and let the public decide what they think of your lies and prejudices.  From now on, the Labour Party will choose policies that benefit the mass of people of the country, policies for justice and equality.  

Yours sincerely

Ed Miliband

PS You are not invited to my wedding.

This letter was secretly obtained for us though MickyLeaks.


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