MickyLeaks reveals “bombshell” email

Today the Daily Mail revealed the police had discovered “bombshell Emails” on the phone-hacking scandal, that may lead them to question James Murdoch.   Intrepid as ever, Mickyleaks has uncovered this 2008 email, from James Murdoch himself.

From:    James Murdoch

To:          Rebekah Wade

cc:           Louise Mensch

Re:          Some stuff

1. Papa says to pay Gordon Taylor up to a million to shut up his big fat greasy mouth. If that don’t work, you personally go see him with your Uzi.

2. Accounts wants the list of cops awaiting gifts for their favourtie orphanages. Check we have a large number of brown envelopes in the stationery store.

3.  Tell Coulson he stays on the payroll so long as he and this Cameron hood deliver.

4. Papa’s pissed with the hacking. He says to get the dirty conversations, not just the goddam voicemails. Go hire some investigators who are smarter than that Mulcaire loser.

5. Hey, we all do our spring cleaning and stick to the “one rogue reporter” line. Anyone saying anything else loses his or her job – and legs.

6. If some motherfucker do decide to sing, my defence will be like: I am a polite Harvard gentleman boy; I cannot recollect; I knew nothing substantive; I employ 50 billion people; they are all liars; it wasn’t top of mind; I take exception to that, Mr Watson.

7.  If ever the day comes when you may need to stash your laptop, use the trash bin in your underground car park.

8. Erase this email pronto.

9. My sister hates you and wants you dead.

10. Say Hi to Ross.

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